While in his house, Splendont happily begins baking a cake in his oven. Elsewhere, Flippy is laughing and walking through a flowery meadow. He trips, loses his hat, and begins falling, over the edge of a high cliff.

Splendonts' super hearing picks up Flippy's' screams, and he flies off to rescue him. Splendont flies upwards to catch him, and successfully does so. However, Splendont stops after hearing something else and flies away with Flippy.

Lifty, Shifty and Breezy lie covered in oil, where a nearby tanker has begun leaking after running into some rocks. Splendont flies at an increased speed towards the accident, forcing Flippy's eyes to detach from their sockets. After considering for a few seconds, Splendont fixes the hole in the ship by using his laser eyes to weld the hole shut.

Splendont hears another yell and flies out to investigate. After he flies away the heat from part of the ship he welded shut ignites the oil, burning all of them to death.

Meanwhile, Coco starts yelling for help while pointing upwards toward the sky. We find that she's pointing to a meteorite that is headed for Earth. Splendont flies past Coco and prepares to attack the meteorite head on. As Splendont flies upwards, the skin on Flippy's face begins to peel back, exposing the nerves of his face.

Splendont hits, and destroys, the meteorite. Coco smiles at the glow of the destroyed meteorite and cheers Splendont upon his return to Earth. Splendont places Flippy down next to Coco and pats her on the head. Coco waves goodbye and thanks Splendont as he flies away, but Coco is soon killed by one of the many small meteorites that have formed due to the destruction of the large meteorite.

Splendont returns home, only to find that his cake is burnt, having been in the oven too long. He gasps and then faces up at the ceiling, yelling in anger over the loss of his cake. He is so angry that he flies out his window, and upon seeing Disco Bears House he sets it on fire with his laser eyes. He then rockets into space breaking the house and we see Disco Bears decapitated limbs as the episode ends.


  • Flippy dies after having his head skinned by Splendont's fast flying.
  • Lifty, Shifty, and Breezy are killed when the heat from Splendid's laser eyes set the oil they are stuck in ablaze.
  • Coco is killed by one of the many small meteorites that forms after Splendont destroys the large meteorite that is headed for Earth.
  • Disco Bear is disintegrated from Splendont's blast of energy.

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