Flaky walks along the park and sits down on a bench. A young Nails and Brushy play in the field, however Flaky doesn't notice a large well nearby. Nails looks inside and Brushy sees a nickel on the ground next to her. Nails drops the Nickel in, but then Brushy falls in, apparently having wanted the coin. Splendid is suddenly interrupted from reading by screaming and flies away.

Splendid sees Brushy inside the well and flies in to get him. After a long fly down, Splendid is exhausted due to the length of the well. He finally gets to the bottom and reaches for Brushy. It is revealed that part of the skin on Brushy's face has been ripped off by the friction.

Splendid gets Brushy and flies back up. Remembering how high it was, he does it really quickly and flies so fast that the rest of the skin on Brushy's face rips off. Splendid notices what he has done and drops her in the well again, pretending not to notice.


  • Brushy's skin is forced off.

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