Water Way to Go
Water 14

Episode Type

Internet Short







Death count






At the beach, Pop and Cub have arrived early for a fun day in the sand. After Pop drops a large, heavy cooler, Cub grabs a can of soda and tries to drink from it. With nothing coming out of the can, Cub starts biting down on it. Pop takes the can to open it for Cub, but because it was shaken up, soda sprays in Pop's face and the can flies into Cub's face. Pop stares in horror as the can continues fizzing and pushing itself deeper into Cub's face.

Later, Cub, despite having two band-aids and a large bruise on his face, happily sips soda from a cup. Pop then comes up to Cub, holding a small shovel and bucket, offering to play. They build a sand castle and Pop buries Cub up to his neck in sand. Pop sees an ice cream truck in the background and goes off to buy a sugary treat. Unfortunately, while he was away, the tide came in. Pop sees Cub's hat floating in the water.

Beneath the water, Cub screams in terror. Pop walks right next to Cub's head, but can't see him and walks away. A few seconds later, Cub's face gets hit by a boat. Pop frantically pushes a motorboat into the water, causing the bottom of the boat to scrape the skin off of Cub's face. With a huge chunk of skin hanging off his face, Cub finds the propeller of the boat right in front of him. It slowly starts cutting his face as Pop tries to get it to start. Finally it starts and Pop moves forward, unaware of the pool of blood forming behind the boat. Pop grabs Cub's hat and shouts for him in panic. Behind him, seagulls start eating Cub's remains that float on the water.


  • Cub's head is sliced to bits by the propeller on Pop's boat.

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