Three's a Crowd
Three's a Crowd

Episode Type

Tree Land Erotica





Death Count




Flippy walks into a small where Ember is standing. Flippy seems nervous but takes off his army jacket and tosses it on the floor. Flippy's penis is erect and Ember sees it and spreads her legs over his errection Flippy blushes, but his penis grows thicker and he finally slides it into Ember's vagina.

Flippy gasps as we see his penis slide in. Flippy begins thrusting slowly and moans happily. Flippy grabs Ember's behind and starts thrusting faster moaning again as we see an inside view of Flippy's penis sliding inside in between Ember's tight walls with a few veins bulging. Flippy pants heavily and thrusts as Tirek comes into the room.

Tirek gets behind Flippy and takes off his army jacket. We see that Tirek also has an erection which he rubs on and in between Flippy's buttocks. Tirek moans while Flippy slows down slightly, surprised. But knowing that it's fair game, Flippy sighs and bends over slightly exposing his anus.

Tirek pushes his penis inside Flippy's anus and thrusts slowly. Flippy also starts to thrust his penis slowly again. Tirek is seen sweating and thrusting his hips while we see more shots of Flippy's bulging penis inside of Ember. The group starts moaning and thrusting fasting and Tirek's penis is seen sliding into Flippy's buttocks. Flippy yells as we see an inside view of his bulging penis releasing semen into Embers vagina. Tirek lets out a gasp as Flippy's anal cavity tightens around his penis. Tirek shoots his semen inside Flippy while rubbing Flippy's buttocks. Flippy pants and pulls his penis out of Embers vagina. Tirek then pulls his penis out of Flippy's anus and groans happily. The tree then decide to rest.

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