Tender War Night
Ertc 2

Episode Type

Tree Land Erotica





Death Count


Tender War Night is the second episode of Tree Land Erotica.



Axl is seen standing outside of Tirek's House a little nervous. He walks up and opens the door to step inside. Tirek welcomes him warmly, and unbuttons his army jacket. Nails is also there and waits in the corner patiently. Tirek walks over to Nails, with his erect penis slightly bobbling as he walks.

Nails gets down and puts Tirek's penis in his mouth. Tirek sighs whiles Nails sucks slowly. Axl watches and soon becomes erect as well. Tirek shakes Nails head with his hand as his penis bounces in his mouth. He sighs but then takes his penis out and seems to talk to Nails. Nails seems happy but he decides to leave, letting Tirek have his house to himself and Axl.

Axl opens his jacket and exposes his errect penis to Tirek. Seeing it, Tirek smiles and stokes his penis slightly, then walks up behind Axl. Axl slowly touches his penis while Tirek rubs his frontside as well. Axl moans in pleasure, while Tirek leans him backwards. After some close up shots of Axl's penis being shook, Tirek again leans backwards and we see the tip of Tirek's penis in between Axl's buttocks, likely touching his anus. Axl moans and gives a nod and we see Tirek go deeper inside Axl's rear.

Axl lets out a yell and Tirek thrusts powerfully. We see shots of Tirek sweating, Tirek's penis pushing in Axl's buttocks (moslty hip views of thrusting), and Axl's penis being stroked by himself and Tirek. After these shots Axl yells and we see Axl ejaculate onto Tirek's hand. Tirek lets out a load grunt as we see him thrusting extremely fast. We see a close up scene as Tirek pulls out his penis which is covered in his semen. Tirek pats Axl, and they seem to lay down and doze off on the carpet.

Featured Shots

  • Nail's bobbing his head as Tirek moans
  • Axl's errect penis after revealing it to Tirek
  • Axl's penis being shook
  • Tirek thrusting into Axl (outside view)
  • Tirek taking his penis out as it's covered in semen

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