Character BioEdit

Sniffle's is a light blue anteater that enjoys science and math. His mouth and nose are combined to make a trunk-like snout, with his lips at the tip. He can invent many different inventions as a result of being so smart.

Like, real anteaters he also enjoys eating ants, but the ants can fight back often being unusually cruel to him.


Sniffles enjoys learning new things and he usually likes solving and reading science and math problems. He also likes to experiment with building new inventions.

Sniffle's is often teased by bullies for being a "nerd" but he seems to be open to new people if they do not tease him. He also likes listening to other's problems and helping them find solutions.

HTF Dimensions infoEdit

Sniffles is in all dimensions as he is a canon Happy Tree Friends character.

  • In the 3rd dimension, he likes Flaky.


Starring RolesEdit

Featuring RolesEdit




  • Tribal Tales - Skewered and roasted over a fire
  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks - Crushed by roller coaster cart
  • See You Later, Elevator - Cut in half
  • Frosty Kringle - Impaled
  • Snout Nosed - Body compressed while being sucked through a vacuum invention
  • Concrete Solution - Head forced through steering wheel





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