Skunk n Funk is an episode of Tree Land Erotica

Skunk n Funk
Ert 6

Episode Type

Tree Land Erotica





Death Count




Petunia is in a small room with Splendid and they look to the door as Cuddles comes in. Cuddles sits down in a chair while Petunia walks over to the bed. Splendid follows and watches as Petunia bends over, exposing herself. Splendid gets an erection and hops up onto the bed.

Splendid puts the tip of his penis on Petunia's vagina. He slides his head over the opening as Petunia gasps and shakes her tail excited. Cuddles also walks to the bed and leans back, with his penis sticking up. Petunia is in front of him and she starts sucking on Cuddles penis. Cuddles moans and relaxes, and Splendid lets out a yell as he pushes his penis into Petunia's vagina sighing.

Splendid is seen thrusting his hips forcefully and Cuddles' face as he is sweating. These shots are shown along with Petunia jerking her head. We see Petunia shake her head and Cuddles yell as he pulls his penis out of her mouth, shooting his semen onto the bed sheets. Splendid continues thrusting but seems uninterested and he grunts. Petunia looks behind at him and Splendid, knowing what he wants, pulls his penis out of Petunia's vagina.

Splendid shakes his penis a little and then puts his tip between Petunias buttocks and on her anus. Petunia seems surprised but moans as Splendid forces his penis inside. We see an inside view of Petunia's anus tightly around Splendid's penis. He moans loudly and starts pushing his penis in and out. We see shots of Splendid and Petunia's sweating faces, Splendid pushing his penis in and out and also an inside view of his penis being rubbed by the tight walls. After these shots Splendid yells and we see an inside view as he ejaculates inside of Petunia's rectum. He pulls himself out and then lies on the bed, exhausted.

Featured Shots

  • Cuddles' penis being sucked
  • Splendid pushing his penis into Petunia's vagina
  • Petunia and Splendid sweating
  • Splendid's penis being gripped by Petunia's rectum


  • This is the first Tree Land Erotica video that contains only cannon characters.

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