Lammy finishes making sandwiches and answers the door to reveal Petunia and Healthy. Lammy allows them in. Lammy hears another knock at the door, and Flaky is seen in the doorway. She nervously chuckles, and everyone looks at each other and then they allow Flaky to join in with them.

Everyone is then seen playing poker. Mr. Pickels gets in a sandwich as Lammy comes by with a tray, ready to pick the sandwiches up. Lammy brings the sandwiches by and after everyone has ate the sandwiches and Flaky has had her drink of water, Flaky has to go to the toilet and runs to the bathroom.

The scene cuts to the bathroom sometime later as Flaky steps by the sink nervously, a bit of blood drips on the floor. It is revealed that a pickle (Supposedly Mr. Pickels) that was in her sandwich is in the toilet that she just defecated, along with some blood.

Flaky gets scared about this sight, while Petunia cleans the crumbs on the table, holding a tray of lemonade. Lammy wonders what is taking Flaky so long and knocks on the bathroom door.

Flaky is plunging the toilet, while Mr. Pickels comes out and pulls a mat that Flaky is on, causing her to trip. Lammy finally comes in and sees Flaky impaled by the plunger.

Healthy sees a pickle on the table while Lammy shuts the bathroom door scared. Lammy sees the pickle as Mr. Pickels and she runs to stop him and the way she holds cards that Mr. Pickels was holding causes them to fly out of her hand and impale Healthy in numerous places.

Petunia gets scared when she sees a small topping from the sandwiches on the floor and vacuums it. She then vacuums Mr. Pickels, who climbs out the other side, and Petunia looks inside the tube and impales herself mistakenly with the tube.

Lammy comes in and sees Petunia and runs over to help her. Apparently, when she tries to pull it out, she pulls Petunia's eye out. Petunia's air starts to suck out, and Lammy sets it backward, causing Petunia's body to inflate and explode.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pickels uses a plunger to flush down Flaky's corpse successfully.


  • Flaky is impaled in the mouth by a plunger.
  • Healthy is sliced to pieces by the poker cards.
  • Petunia's body inflates by a vacuum and she explodes.

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