Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Smelly Dash Sniffles

Episode Type

Internet Short







Death count







It's Halloween night, and the Happy Tree Friends are out looking for some candy. As we pan through the area we see a happy Nutty dragging behind him a sack of candy more than double his size; Choco standing in a home, and flipped out Flare happily digging graves.

Simon now enters the scene, carrying a small sack of candy and wearing a blue robe, fake white beard, and a crown. He approaches a house and rings the doorbell. He holds out his bag of candy forgetting to say "Trick or Treat". Unfortunately this is The Mole's house, and without hearing "Trick or Treat" he assumes no one is there, so he slams the door shut in Simon's face.

Simon sadly walks away, while Smelly (dressed as a witch), Lumpy (dressed as the Grim Reaper and holding a scythe), Sniffles, (dressed as a clown), and Dash (dressed as a ghost) walk up to The Mole's house. Simon, seeing his chance to get candy, runs up to the door as the others shout, "Trick or Treat!" Simon holds up his bag with the others, all expecting candy.

The Mole, however, accidentally drops the candy short of their bags. As the candy lands on the ground, rats run up and quickly eat the candy. Smelly, Dash, Sniffles, and Lumpy shriek and run away. Unfortunately Lumpy is actually carrying a real scythe, and while turning to run he cuts Simon's head off.

Simon's head lands on a group of pumpkins lying outside of The Mole's door. The Mole reaches down into the group of pumpkins and unwittingly picks up Simon's head.

Inside The Mole's house, amidst a group of poorly carved pumpkins, Simon's head is plopped down. The Mole cuts a circle in the top of Simon's head and removes his brain from the hole. The Mole then drops Simon's hollowed out head outside of his house. Simon's head has a candle in its mouth and one of the eyes is hanging out. Before the episode ends, a rat approaches and takes the eye. As the screen goes black, a cheap paper ghost, drops down and wails.

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