Gary and Flare are sitting together at a table together nearby a restaurant. Flare I gives Gary a rose, in which Gary adores. Flare I then gets out a wine bottle to share a drink.

The cap apparently pops off, and hits Jumpy who is standing nearby. Jumpy is impaled and seeing the blood causes Flare I to flip out. He then grabs the rose out of Gary's hand, hard enough for part of his skin to be ripped off by the thorns.

Flare I then pushes the rose into the side of Gary's head and he begins to scream. He runs the rose through both sides of his brain until he dies.

Ending TagEdit

  • I can't get you out of my head!


  • When Flare pulls the rose out of Gary's hand it gives him a few cuts.


  • Jumpy is impaled by the bottle cap.
  • Gary dies from having the thorns of the rose run through his brain.

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