Night of Passion

Episode Type

Tree Land Erotica





Death Count




Lifty arrives at Splendont's House house and hugs him when he opens the door. After smiling at each other for a few, Splendont takes Lifty's hand. We see a dark room until the door opens and Lifty follows Splendont inside. There are candles in the room and a small bed. Splendont holds Lifty's face and then he wee Splendont look down to his penis which is now errect.

Lifty grabs Splendont's penis and strokes it slowly. Splendont grunts as he does this, shaking his hips slightly. Splendont then leads Lifty to the bed and he gets out a tube of lubricant. Lifty gets down and Splendont lifts his tail. He applys some lubricant to Lifty's anus and Lifty moans slightly. There are then a few close up shots of Splendont's throbbing penis as he does this.

Lifty also has an erection that Splendont shakes slowly. Splendont places the tip of his penis on Lifty's anus and pushes in slowly. Lifty gasps and Splendont sighs contently. We see Splendont's penis half way in and he starts rubbing his top half in and out of Lifty's anal cavity. Lifty grips the bedsheets and pushes for Splendont. We see Splendont's sweating face and some close up shots of Splendont's testicles flopping around. We then get a scene of Splenont pushing the rest of his penis into Lifty's anus, sliding slowly into his buttocks. Splendont yells in pleasure and he grabs Lifty's hips. We see Lifty ejaculate onto the bedsheets as Splendont starts thrusting furiously. Shots of Splendont's testicles flopping around are shown again along with his penis pulling out and sliding back into Lifty's buttocks.

Splendont yells as we see a close up view of white fluid spilling out of Lifty's anus and around Splendont's penis. Splendont removes his penis which is covered in semen, and sighs. He kisses Lifty on the head and they appear to fall asleep.

Featured ShotsEdit

  • Splendont slowly shaking Lifty's penis
  • Splendont's penis throbbing
  • Splendont pushing the tip of his penis inside Lifty's anus
  • Splendont thrusting into Lifty, as his penis slides past Lifty's buttocks
  • Splendont ejaculating

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