Misfortune Telling

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Internet short







Death count







Inside a tent at the boardwalk, Medusa sits at a table, dressed like a gypsy. Medusa pulls out a crystal ball and sets it in front of her. She looks into the crystal ball and it shows Mime and Splendid. Medusa looks up from the ball just as Mime and Splendid enter wanting their fortune told.

Medusa tells the couple to sit down and she begins to stare into the crystal ball. After a few chants from Medusa the ball shows several images, Splendid scowling, a heart snapping in half, and Mime's shirt. Splendid stares in confusion before decided that it was a trick so he grabs Mime and leaves. As Splendid leaves Medusa smiles.

Outside the tent Splendid grumbles and scowls about his fortune when the sound of screeching brakes is heard. Splendid looks on just as a truck slams into Mime. All that remains of Mime is his shirt. The side of the truck is then seen with a picture of a broken heart on it.

Later Handy enters Medusa's tent along with Truffles and Ember. Once again Medusa chants and images appear on her crystal ball, rusted nails, a mattress, a 2x4 and one of Handy's bandages. The trio get confused and leave.

Outside the tent the trio cross the street to their current job, the construction of a mattress store. Truffles grabs some rusted nails and hammer, Handy attempts to hold a ladder Cuddles is climming. As Truffles hammers the nails into a plank of wood he hits his hoof with the hammer and knocks down the plank. Truffles sighs and grabs the plank but he grabs it where the nails are and they stab his wrist. Handy sees this and freaks out, accidentally bumping into the ladder. Ember falls from the ladder and lands safely on a mattress only to be crushed by the ladder. Handy tries to help Truffles but in panic Truffles smacks him with the plank and knocking him into a bucket of nails. Finally Truffles faints from blood loss and soon dies.

The episode ends with Medusa leaving her tent. The iris closes on the crystal ball which shows Medusa's outfit and a truck. Just as the iris completely closes Medusa is heard screaming along with the sound of a trucks horn.


  • Mime is ran over
  • Ember is crushed by a ladder
  • Handy is stabbed by nails
  • Truffles dies of blood loss
  • Medusa is hit by a truck

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