Hide and Seek is a HTF Dimensions episode. It takes place in dimension 3.

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

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Internet short







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A game of hide and seek is about to start in the forest. Flippy begins counting while Glider, Flaky, Russell, and Twitchy hide. While counting, a woodpecker starts pecking a tree. The sound reminds Flippy of machine guns firing, and his eyes begin to grow an yellow iris along with a sinister expression in his face, causing Evil Flippy to emerge. Flaky looks up at the woodpecker but Flippy throws his throwing knife through Flaky's head, killing her before running off to look for the rest of the gang.

While Russell hides behind a tree, grinning, Flippy appears in camouflage and snaps Russell's neck. Then, as Twitchy is walking, she gets caught and hungswirl, by a piece of wire Flippy lowers from a tree. Finally, Glider, noticing Twitchy's death, becomes scared, walks backwards, and ends up falling into a punji stake pit Flippy created. Glider tries to get help, and then Flippy offers his hand, Glider believes he wants to help before he realizes he handed him an active grenade, which explodes off screen after the screen irises out.


  • Flippy kills Flaky by throwing his knife through her head,
  • Flippy kills Russell by snapping his neck.
  • Flippy kills Twitchy by hanging her with a wire.
  • Flippy kills Glider after he falls into a pit of spikes and he hands him a grenade, which explodes off screen.


  • This is the first time a tree friend actively kills one of their family members. (Flippy hanging Twitchy, his daughter)
  • Jack can be seen briefly at the start behind a tree.
  • This is Glider's first appearance.