Fliqpy DvD
Fliqpy's KillFest is a DVD dedicated to Evil Flippy. Not all episodes with Flippy are shown, only ones where his evil side is the main part of the episode.


Special FeaturesEdit

  • Commentary for episodes
  • The beginning of Fliqpy: How Mondo Media came up with Flippy's concept
  • Fans of Fliqpy: The creators thoughts on why Flippy is so popular
  • Kills Galore: A mash up of all of Fliqpy's kills.
  • Pairings of Fliqpy: A look at the HTFDimensions couples that involve Fliqpy, including some non-cannon ones.
  • Fliqpy T-shirts: A look at some designs of Fliqpy T-shirts.


  • On the main menu, Fliqpy holds a stick of dynamite and stands on a pile of bodies that include Flaky, Cuddles, Ember, Jumpy, Petunia, and Sniffles.
  • On the Episode Selection, Fliqpy strangles Nutty.
  • On the Special Features Menu, Fliqpy holds Flaky and Ember's severed heads.
  • On the Commentary Settings screen, Fliqpy licks blood off his fingers and drags Shifty's corpse.
  • On the Pairings of Fliqpy Menu, Fliqpy stands awkwardly and smiles at the pairing options. The dismembered arm of Sniffles is seen in the background.

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