Flare's War Smoochie is a Smoochie featuring Flare.

Flare Smoochie

Idle AnimationsEdit

  • Flare waves at the viewer.
  • Flare takes out a grenade and looks at it, then puts it away.


Air RaidEdit

A few cardboard cut-outs of Tiger Soldiers appear in the background. Flare tells someone on his speaker to get them, and they are shot. Apparently, the plane starts shooting Flare by mistake, and break him into pieces.


Flare stands still, and a cage falls on him. He keeps running around the cage, flips-out, flips back, continues to run around, until he picks up part of the cage. Realizing he is free, he cheers and drops the cage, in which crushes him and splits him in half.


Two razor objects fall near Flare. A fork falls and gets stuck right on Flare's head. As Flare tries to pull the fork out, another razor object (a knife) hits Flare's left arm. A butcher's knife then flies to his face, killing him.

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