At the mall Boomer is in a weapons shop. Flare is outside but Boomer soon cataches his attention. Boomer is now near the front of the shop showing Petunia, Sweezy, and Tuffty his rifle. Petunia frowns as she holds her children. Boomer jokingly points the gun at her and shoots. The gun is empty, but Flare does not know this.

Flare flips out. He then pushes a button to make the escalator near him move faster, then he grabs Boomer's head and puts his face towards the escalator steps. As a result, Boomer's face gets sliced off several times by the steps.

At the bottom of the escalator, the slices of Boomer's face pile up on a slice of bread. The Mole puts the other bread on top of the slices and begins to enjoy a nice "sandwich" lunch.


  • Boomer's face is sliced into pieces

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