In a jeep, Flippy, Sneaky, and Medic are driving towards the jungle. Suddenly some tiger soldiers are seen in the bushes. As Flippy and Sneaky are looking at a map, Medic is suddenly shot. Sneaky yells and holds her, applying pressure to her wound.

More gunshots are heard and Flippy starts to flip out. He then dodges some more gunshots, jumps out of the van, and punches a tiger soldier so hard that his bones and organs fly out of his body upon impact with a large stone.

Multiple soldiers start charging from the bushes. Flippy gets a blade from the jeep and throws it, sideways slicing all of the tiger soldiers. Sneaky then gets a bomb and lights it, and tosses it on the final tiger soldier. He screams in fear, but is too scared to move. Flippy ducks under the jeep as the bomb explodes.

Fearing for the life of Medic, Flippy gets his water canteen for her. Medic smiles weakly but then stumbles up. She and Sneaky grab their guns as they go off deeper into the jungle.

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