A diving competition is being held at the public pool. Posey, Lumpy and Lapis are the judges awaiting contestants to line up. Gus decides to show off to impress Lapis, so he arrives first in line. Lifty also plans to impress Splendont, who is seen relaxing on a lawn chair. Disco Bear is there to impress both the girls and Nutty is also seen at the contest.

Lifty climbs up the diving board and jumps into the water, being awarded with 5 points. Splendont claps and Lifty swims to him. Meanwhile, Gus climbs up to the diving board and waves at Lapis. Gus jumps in but he lands in the water with a surprisingly tiny splash, only being awarded 2 points.

Disco Bear laughs as he stands on the edge of the diving board, unaware that his weight is breaking it. The board snaps in half and Disco Bear lands in the water with a belly flop that splatters his guts. Posey vomits as Lumpy awards 0 points to Disco Bear's performance. Concered, Lapis drains the pool.

Up on the remaining half of the board, Nutty decides that he should perform. He looks around to make sure everybody is looking at him, as Splendont, Lumpy, and Gus yawn with boredom. Nutty finally jumps, but oblivious to the draining, he smashes on the rock-hard pool floor. Lumpy awards him with 10 points.


  • Dico Bear's guts splatter on the surface of the water.
  • Nutty splatters on the ground after the pool is drained.

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