At his house, Flare is seen cooking with Pizza. Flare takes off his dog tags and puts them by the sink as he goes to get a rolling pin. After setting the rolling pin down, he grabs a rather heavy bag of sugar. Stumbling he tosses the bag on the counter accidentally knocking his dog tags down the drain. Flare quickly reaches in and grabs them before they go too far but finds that his hand is now stuck.

Pizza notices and tries to help Flare pull his hand out, however Pizza leaves the oven on as he does so. After a while of failing to get Flare's hand out, the room starts to smell like gas. Pizza goes over to the oven, but he doesn't know which button to press to turn it off. Flare tries to explain but unfortunately, Pizza switches on the fire causing a big explosion.

Pizza is badly burnt but goes over to try and again, pull Flare's hand out of the drain. Pizza tells Flare to let go of his dogtag but Flare refuses. Pizza yanks on Flare but flies back and hits the wall behind him knocking lose a shelf. Numerous pans fall on his head, and finally, a huge bag of chocolate chips crushes him. Flare nearly flips out, but manages to maintain composure to try and survive.

As the fire inches closer to Flare, he uses his other hand to try and toss a washcloth onto the fire. He misses and growls in anger. The heat is now extremely close, and Flare knowing what he has to do frowns. Upset, lets go of his dog tags, freeing his hand from the drain. He runs to get a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. Feeling better he walks towards the window to let out the smoke, but trips on the chocolate chips that are scattered across the floor and falls out the window. He lands on his back safely and is relived until two icicles fall from his house and impale his eyes, killing him.


  • Pizza is splattered by a giant bag
  • Flare is impaled by icicles


  • Pizza is burnt
  • Pizza is hit multiple times in the head by metal objects
  • Flare's hand is cut up slightly from trying to pull it from the drain
  • Flare chokes on the smoke from the fire

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