Circle Jerking
Ert 1

Episode Type

Tree Land Erotica





Death Count


Circle Jerking is the premier episode of Tree Land Erotica. It shows a group masturbation situation between several tree friends.



Flare is seen walking into a empty room. He stands contently and then unbuttons his army jacket which reveals his erect penis. He grabs it with his hand and begins shaking it, beginning to moan. He then takes off his jacket and hat and sits down, continuing stroking his shaft with his hand. After a few scenes of this we see Tirek and Axl enter the room from behind. Flare just waves hello and we see Tirek and Axl also unbutton their army jackets and then grabbing their erect penises. Boomer, Nutty, and Bulky arrive soon after.

Axl sits by Flare, and Tirek sits next to Axl. Boomer sits on the other side of Tirek and Boomer and Nutty sit down. The tree friends rest for a minute and then we see shots of Nutty and Boomer stroking their penises quickly. Bulky rubs the tip of his penis with the palm of his hand and Flare, Axl, and Tirek, caress each others penises while breathing heavily. Bulky lets out a yell and Boomer gets up along with Tirek. Boomer and Tirek lean and rub their shafts against each other quickly while moaning lightly.

Everyone looks up however, when the door opens. Evil Flippy walks in and takes off his jacket as he does so. Everyone stops as Evil Flippy walks in with his erection. He gets up behind Boomer and puts the tip of his penis on his anus. Evil Flippy rubs his tip on his anus, sighing and Axl starts to shake his penis wildly. Evil Flippy stops however and walks past Tirek over to Flare. He puts his penis between Flares buttocks and starts sliding it up and down. Flare is surprised but strokes himself. Seeing that Evil Flippy has found a tatic he likes, everyone starts again.

Flare shakes himself wildly as Flippy rubs behind him. Bulky and Nutty continue while gasping. Flare yells as he ejaculates and Axl watches this, aroused. A few close ups of Tirek, Axl and Nutty's penises being flopped around are shown along with them sweating and moaning heavily. Evil Flippy shoots out, groaning as he leans back. Axl's throbbing penis ejaculates and Nutty, Bulky, and Tirek finish soon after. Sighing everyone lays down to catch their breath as the short ends.

Featured Shots

  • Flare shaking his penis up and down.
  • Axl shaking his large throbbing penis wildly.
  • Nutty and Bulky shaking their penises
  • Boomer shaking himself as Evil Flippy bumps agianst his anus
  • Axl and Nutty's ejaculations

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