Idle AnimationsEdit

  • Cheesy gets hungry and thinks about cheese
  • Cheesy grins



A large wheel of cheese appears and Cheesy tries to drag it. Since this doesn't work, she gets behind and pushes the cheese wheel. It rolls up the side of the screen, only to roll back down and flatten Cheesy.


Cheesy spots a tray of nachos drenched in melted cheese. She grabs a nacho and takes a huge bite. Unfortunately, her mouth and face melt from the hot cheese. 

Stinking BishopEdit

A stinky wedge of cheese (presumably stinking bishop) appears and Cheesy hungrily marches to it. Despite its odor, she manages to chew it down and asks for more. More wedges of cheese pile up to the point of almost crowding the screen. The air gets stinky and Cheesy ends up suffocating. A pile of cheese then falls on her.

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