Evil Flippy is seen opening a door and pulls Bold inside with him. Bold is wearing her wool, and she then takes it off. Fliqpy stares at her and then unbuttons his army jacket revealing his erect penis. Fliqpy shakes it and makes Bold lie down. He rubs his penis in her face sighing heavly.

Fliqpy then stands up, tilts Bolds lower half up, spreads her legs apart and shoves his penis inside her vagina. We see an inside view of this as well. Fliqpy moans and starts to thrust slowly, with an inside view of his penis tip getting red. Bold and Fliqpy both start to sweat.

We then see a see through side view of Flippy's penis moving inside of Bold's vagina. With his penis rubbing on the walls, Fliqpy begins to thrust faster while pulling Bold's leg to the side. He slides in deeper and gasps in pleasure. Fliqpy begins to thrust incredibly fast and we see shots of his penis shown being rubbed in the side view, Fliqpy thrusting into Bolds spread apart legs and the both of them sweating.

Fliqpy yells and grins as we see him ejaculate, his semen flowing out of Bold's vagina. Fliqpy pulls his penis out of Bold's vagina and then lies down to rest.

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